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Basic MRI course

This course is intended for laboratory technicians who have little or no experience with MRI.

During this course, all the basics of MRI are treated at a leisurely pace. The practical applications of the theory in practice are discussed in detail. Use is made of practice-oriented assignments that are made in sub-groups.

Purpose of this course:

After this course, a student can perform a skull, back and knee MRI examination under the supervision of an experienced MRI technician. The student can distinguish the different contrasts in these studies and recognize the pulse sequences used. Furthermore, the student can name and apply the most commonly used scan time reduction parameters.


The following topics or a selection of these are discussed during this course:

  • relaxation

  • contrasts: T1, T2 and PD

  • contrast parameters: TR, TE and flip angle

  • basic sequences: SE, IR, STIR, Flair, TSE and Gradient echo (parameter handling is not a standard part)

  • K-space

  • scan time reduction factors


Duration of this course: ± 20 hours

Maximum number of students: unlimited

It is a theoretical course using a classroom or meeting room in the hospital.


It is possible to combine this course with hands-on sessions. The duration of this course will then be ± 30 hours. Maximum number of students for the hands-on sessions: 6 students per session.

For conditions see menu Hands-on training.

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