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"Refresher" course MRI

This course is intended for laboratory technicians who have taken a post graduate course some time ago and have been working with MRI for years.


This course goes through all facets of MRI that are treated at a post graduate MRI training. The pace is relatively high because it is assumed to be a repetition of the material.

This course can be seen as a repetition of the application + physics lessons of a post graduate MRI course, but in a shorter time frame.

The emphasis will be on the techniques that are most commonly applied in practice.


The topics covered are:

  • Contrast + parameter handling

  • SNR

  • K-space

  • All sequences (on request, for example, sequences that are hardly used or not used at all)

  • Scan time reduction techniques (including SENSE, Grappa)

  • Artifacts

  • Diffusion / perfusion

  • Angio

  • Cardiac

  • New techniques such as Compressed Sense, SMS, fingerprinting


Duration of this course: ± 40 hours


Purpose of this course:

The student can independently apply new techniques to different applications. Furthermore, the student is able to optimize existing protocols to up to date protocols using new imaging techniques and old techniques.


Topics can be added or omitted as needed, which can change the duration.

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