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The course offer

Tailored MRI course

There are 2 types of courses and further training possible, namely a theoretical course and hands-on sessions.

The theoretical course uses a 'classroom' (or discussion room) online or in the hospital.

The hands-on sessions take place at the MRI scanner.

A combination of both is also possible, first the theory is discussed, after which it is applied in practice on the MRI scanner by means of hands-on sessions. This method of MRI education is highly recommended.

A course is almost always tailor-made, which means that the subjects and form of the course / further training are discussed in advance.


Courses and further training are given to radiologists, MRI technicians and medical assistants. There is a special course aimed at physician assistants.


The costs of a course or further training depend on the duration of a course - further training and the number of participants. Furthermore, a travel allowance is also calculated. For more information see the general terms and conditions .


For questions or more information about the course offer you can contact us via the contact form.







For information about CT courses I would like to refer you to:

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