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Tailored MRI course

Everything is possible with this course or. further training. However, the students must have extensive experience with MRI and have followed a post graduate course. This is because of the speed at which certain material is treated. It is assumed that the basic techniques of MRI are known.


Examples of advanced courses are:


  • Protocol optimization: contrast, SNR, scan time reduction techniques, optimization of base sequences (SE, IR, STIR, Flair, TSE and GRE).


  • TSE: The entire TSE is treated from front to back with a deep dive into the parameters and artifacts.


  • Gradient Echo: the entire Gradient Echo is explored, the emphasis is placed on contrast influencing and the various gradient echo techniques (Turbo, spoiling, etc.)


  • MRI abdomen: the focus of this course is on optimizing the sequences and adjusting the breath hold times. Furthermore, attention is paid to breathing compensation techniques such as the navigator and protocols are discussed for the entire abdomen (upper abdomen and pelvic region) with possible guidelines.


  • MRI cardiac: emphasis in this course is to understand and optimize the sequences and adjust them at different heart rates. Triggering ECG is also discussed extensively.


  • New techniques: Compressed Sense, SMS, fingerprinting etc,



Tailor-made MRI is ideal for combining theoretical explanations with hands-on sessions. Of course, only a theoretical session or hands-on session with possibly a combination of different topics is also possible.


Purpose of this course:

Deepening the technical and applicatorial knowledge of the sequences. Afterwards, the student can optimize the applied techniques and is able to optimally adjust the scan parameters.

The theoretical courses work with practice-oriented assignments so that the theory can be applied in practice.

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