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Hands-on training

Hands-on training means a course or. further training behind the MRI scanner.

Maximum number of students: 6


Various forms of hands-on training are possible, namely:


  • Protocol optimization: protocols and studies are optimized together with the students. The techniques to optimize these protocols are discussed in detail. Prerequisite for this hands-on session is experience with MRI and a Post HBO course MRI.


  • Technique specific training: one or more sequences or techniques are extensively discussed both theoretically and on the system. The aim of this training is that by the end of this course all students know exactly what it does for each parameter and what the consequences are. Examples of sequences and techniques that can be used for this are: TSE, Gradient echo, scan time reduction techniques


  • Research specific training: this training examines the methods and techniques to perform certain research. Think for example of the abdomen, this training examines the possible sequences, advantages and disadvantages of certain techniques, etc.



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