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Post HBO MRI training


Refaja Ziekenhuis Stadskanaal


Treant hospitals in collaboration with the UMCG


Treant Hospitals


MRI Training & Consultancy can organize a Post HBO Magnetic Resonance course in your hospital.
This Post HBO course has been drawn up in response to and meets the competence requirements MBB working on MRI, drawn up by the NVMBR (draft version).

This post HBO MRI training is now also offered as an online course !!

Post HBO MRI training:

  • lessons will be taught at HBO level

  • participants must hold a diploma in radiodiagnostic laboratory technician (MBRT or in-service)

  • there is no exemption (also not for MBRT students with the minor MRI)

  • the duration of the course will be at least 100 contact hours (according to the guidelines of the CPION), the number of days and hours per day is in accordance

  • the number of self-study hours amounts to 150 hours, the number of hours per week of study load depends on the final duration of the course. This means that the 100 hours are divided over a number of weeks, whereby the total number of weeks will determine the final duration of the course.

  • total study load is 250 hours

  • contracts for this in-company training are concluded with the hospital that uses the course, not with individual participants

  • study materials in the form of handouts will be made available or in the form of prints and will be available on a specially designed website

  • study material in the form of the book MRI in Practice or MRI from Picture to Proton will have to be purchased yourself

  • the course will be concluded with an exam, this exam consists of 2 parts, namely a final presentation or essay and a written exam. The weighting factor of the final presentation or essay will be 1/3 of the total exam, the written exam will count for 2/3

  • After positive completion of the exam, 174 further training points can be added for the quality register and 10 points for radiation hygiene (St. ADAP)

  • a diploma will be awarded upon successful completion of the exam

  • If the written exam is not passed, a resit can be requested. This resit is either written or oral, in consultation with the student and in consultation with the client

  • there is no resit for the final presentation

More information:

Information about course content and the learning objectives of this post HBO MRI training:

For information about the possibilities of an incompany Post HBO MRI training in your hospital, please contact Marion Heeren via the contact form .

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